Camp 2012

Camp 2012

What is Shou Shu

What is Shou Shu?
Shou Shu is a centuries old form of Martial Arts that has its origins from the affluent Mandarin People of China. The art has remained relatively unchanged throughout the centuries because the rich and powerful Mandarin people were able to continue their practice after martial arts were outlawed. Other martial arts were changed into dances or sports centuries ago. Shou Shu is the ultimate art of unarmed combat as well as being a superb system in achieving physical fitness and confidence in oneself. Shou Shu provides an unequaled form of gaining supreme control of the body and sharp discipline of the mind.

Da Shifu Al Moore I studied in China and has brought the Shou Shu Marital Arts to the United States. His brother Da Shifu Ralph Moore, and his son Da Shifu Al Moore II, have continued the Mandarin cultural form of the art. Their careful control of Shou Shu has allowed the art to retain its power and integrity.

What will Shou Shu enable me to do?
Shou Shu enables you to gain the peace of mind knowing that you are physically and mentally prepared for all situations.

The physical benefits will be enjoyed immediately. Shou Shu is a great way to get into shape, relieve tension, and increase strength and balance.

The discipline and self-confidence attainable with Shou Shu will help you deal with people and situations as never before. A confidence that wells up inside, will be instantly recognizable, but to others it will appear to come from an unknown source.

Your loved ones can have protection in a society where they cannot always depend on someone else to protect them. Shou Shu will enable you to insure yourself and those around you of protection in these times of rising crime of all types.

By having your family discover the benefits of Shou Shu, they will have protection from violence and crime when they are away from you.

What does it take to study Shou Shu?
It does not take exceptional size or strength to gain the benefits Shou shu has to offer. Any man, woman, or child can learn at Moore’s Shou Shu Marital Arts. Shou Shu students at Moore’s are comprised of families, professionals, college students, and people from all walks of life.

How do I get started?
All you have to do to gain all of the benefits Shou Shu has to offer is to call or come by any weekday between 2:30 and 9:00 pm or 2:30 – 6:00 on Friday or Saturday. We are looking forward to helping you achieve physical fitness and confidence in yourself !

Do not wait to start enjoying a more confident life, call or come by today !