• A survivors story

  • By Jennifer Miller

    So now here comes the time for me to share a piece of my story….
    I was a woman that started off in a very abusive relationship my teenage years. Very quickly it got abusive in every way possible. Also very quickly to numb the pain I started abusing prescription drugs which turned into so much more and so much longer than I ever expected (nobody’s fault but my own, I own that!) During this time in my addiction very ugly things happened to me that nobody ever wants to experience. So the abuse by the man that I loved and the abuse of drugs made me feel like I should not be a part of society….today I can say that even though he told me I would never amount to anything and I believed it 100%…I am living life and loving every second of the ups and downs because I feel every single one of them, instead of numbing them. I am living the life of some of the women I looked up to. Strong, independent, loving, caring, successful, loyal, and so much more a good woman should be. Deserving of so much more than any man in this world could ever give me.

    To be honest I have been clean for about 4 years and away from that abusive relationship for 5…but not until about 6 months ago did my life really begin to change, I mean mentally and physically. I never would have expected to be in Martial Arts ever in my life because of the feeling of not being good enough. But….here I am killing it, loving it, living it and never giving up! Martial Arts has not only given me the confidence knowing that I can protect my children and I if need be but it has also givien me the confidence to walk away from abusive people and when things just don’t “feel” right. Moore’s Karate in Modesto on Oakdale is the place to be, the best instructors, the best people and the best experience.

    So…my whole point of this post is because my mission in life is to help other women that have been through what I am and still struggling or if you are currently going through it now. You are WORTH it and you deserve everything good in life no matter the path you have walked. I want to help walk you down a new path…the right path. Please come join me or even just send me a message if you are in need of some advice.